The second adult novel in The High Republic brings another tragedy to the Jedi while the divisions within the Nihil grow (mild spoilers).

Cover art for Rising Storm by Cavan Scott | credit Lucasfilm Press

Rising Storm and author Cavan Scott pick up where Light of the Jedi and Charles Soule left off in Wave one, continuing some character’s storylines while introducing new characters to the chaos. Soule is sitting Wave Two out, likely focusing on The War of the Bounty Hunter Marvel comics series (another publishing initiative under Disney). Scott, who has been writing Marvel’s The High Republic comics focusing on newly Knighted Keeve Trennis, Jedi Masters Avar Kriss and Sskeer…

A calm before the storm episode finds the Bad Batch saving Cid from two criminal factions and making a potential ally.

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

“Infested” is the kind of episode that some Star Wars fans might call “filler” and unnecessary this late in the season. It is also the kind of episode that could have larger implications for the characters moving forward in the season and, possibly, future seasons. Much like “The Gunslinger” from The Mandalorian was collectivity disliked but in hindsight was a significant episode to the overall story, so to can “Infested” prove to be for The Bad Batch. …

Hera Syndulla’s arc wraps up as leaders in both the Bad Batch and the Empire go rogue.

“Devil’s Deal” left off with Hera on the run and Admiral Rampart falsely claiming that the Syndullas failed at an assassination attempt of Senator Orn Taa. This week concludes with the Bad Batch getting involved in their most delicate mission this season as they continue their march towards a final showdown with Crosshair. Let’s discuss all things “Rescue on Ryloth”:

Crosshair’s Crossroads

Conflicted or resolved? | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Captain Howzer wants to locate Hera himself, but Rampart informs him that he has another squad working on it. Guess who? That’s right…

Most franchises are failing at Latine representation in Hollywood. Lucasfilm, take note.

Looking toward brighter days in representation | Images credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Latine representation in Hollywood, or lack thereof, has been a conversation that has been happening since the Golden Age. Now, almost a century removed from silver screen breakthroughs like Katy Jurado, Lupe Vélez, and Dolores del Río, Hollywood has not progressed.

And, even though there have been breakthroughs in between (Rita Moreno’s Oscar-winning performance up to Yalitza Aparicio Best Actress nomination in 2018), the history of Latine representation in entertainment is complicated. Anthony Quinn, Martin Sheen, and Raquel Welch were Latine actors who Americanized their names for a…

The Bad Batch: Common Ground

Watching “Common Ground” felt a lot like watching “Rampage.” They share many similarities: both find the Bad Batch running a mission for Cid, Echo is not happy about it, and Hunter is too busy worrying about protecting Omega. It feels like a step back in progression and almost like the middle part of a bigger arc. But there are still some things to discuss:

Old Wounds from Old Times

Echo is not happy | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The episode starts from a new perspective other than the Bad Batch or Crosshair. We meet Senator Avi Singh from Raxus, who is pressured to speak on behalf of the “righteous” Empire. He has a change…

Star Wars adapts and evolves with Visions.

Still from “Tatooine Rhapsody” | credit Lucasfilm ltd. and Studio Colorido/Twin Engine

Star Wars and Anime. It’s like having two friends who you know would hit it off and have beautiful children if only they were willing to meet and get to know each other. Star Wars now is fully taking that step with Star Wars Visions, one of the projects announced last year for Disney Investor Day. Lucasfilm gave us the first look at the Japanese Studios, character designs, and stories of the shorts that will release on Disney+ in September:

Kamikaze Dōga: “The Duel”

Lucasfilm spent sometime discussing the influence that Japanese film and anime has had…

Wonder what a nightmare Vegas vacation would be like that does not involve Chevy Chase? Look no further.

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Despite my National Lampoon: Vegas Vacation reference (which might likely fall through the cracks for younger readers but is not as bad as critics would have you believe!), Canto Bight is a fair comparison as the characters in Canto Bight face disastrous circumstances that often make you want to cover your eyes with angst.

If Canto Bight doesn’t sound familiar to you, here is a refresher: in The Last Jedi, it was the luxury coastal casino city on the planet Cantonica where…

We get more answers to the mystery surrounding Omega and a battle between bounty hunters.

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Episode nine picks up where “Reunion” left off last week with the Bad Batch trying to search Bracca for Omega while avoiding Crosshair’s ire and fire. But this episode isn’t about Crosshair, so the Bad Batch makes the jump to hyperspace, and it’s goodbye for now. And things only get more interesting as we get another reunion this episode. Let’s discuss “Bounty Lost”:

In Loco Parentis

Crosshair and Crosshair’s attitude return in this episode to try and end the Bad Batch, but a whole other problem is waiting in the wings.

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Note: There are minor spoilers for Star Wars Rebels in this post.

Two things happen right at the beginning of episode six, “Reunion”: First Crosshair, having received word of the Bad Batch on Bracca, seeks orders from Admiral Rampart on bringing them in alive or dead. Second, Rampart is in the middle of a heated conversation with Prime Minister Lama Su involving being kept in the loop on certain matters and Lama Su makes note…

How far back can a long time ago stretch?

Great poster image, meh film | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The Book of Boba Fett is just around the corner and might have an interesting place in the Star Wars release calendar, likely being the last Disney Plus series released before Star Wars Celebration in May 2022. And, because it is the only Star Wars series on the horizon after The Bad Batch, there is a lot of focus on the beloved character. Recently, Temuera Morrison did an interview with Rotten Tomatoes and gave a brief description of what The Book of Boba Fett will be about:

Well, we can’t say…

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