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Credits & Canon
credit Lucasfilm Press

Original art by Little Corvus and credit Lucasfilm ltd.

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The new faces we met and would like to see again, or the ones we won’t see again but wish we could.

credit Lucasfilm ltd. and Kamikaze Douga

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

credit Lucasfilm Press

Holiday sweaters, Funko Pops, and Disney Plus specials are just the beginning.

Hello my little friend | credit LEGO and Lucasfilm ltd.

Warner Brothers Marketing, which has used Zendaya heavily to promote the film, is now tempering expectations of her screen time. How it all could blow up in their face.

If you’ve seen the trailers, you probably have seen all her scenes | credit Warner Brothers Pictures

A little communication goes a long way, even when promising a revolutionary game.

Image credit Lego Star Wars | image edits Credits and Canon

Tarkin is not amused | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Credits & Canon

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