They weren’t on screen for that long, but they made the most of it.

Star Wars is one of the few franchises that can introduce a character that has little screen time but connects with the masses so deeply that they create demand for merchandise, inspire memes, and additional character story. Who could have possibly imagined that a random black man running in the background of the Bespin escape scene in The Empire Strikes Back would prompt the now tradition of “Running of the Hoods” at Star Wars Celebration? Boba Fett seems to be his own franchise at this point from a brief appearance in Empire.

Side characters in Star Wars have made a…

Rex finally shows up just in time for things to go bad for the Bad Batch.

“Battle Scars” starts mid-mission for the team as they are carrying live cargo (a winged/lizard type creature) back to Cid. Of course, it gets loose just in time to cause Wrecker to bump his head again but, otherwise, they get the creature to Cid with limited damage. For the first time, Hunter questions Cid on who she is working for but Cid doesn’t seem to know either. All the while, a stranger is sitting by themselves in her bar observing. Not much happened in…

The Bad Batch take a trip to Corellia to retrieve a valuable item from the Clone Wars and meet two familiar sisters along the way.

We are still on Ord Mantell when episode six begins and the guys, and two regulars of Cid’s bar, are watching Echo train Omega to use her newly acquired Zygerrian crossbow. Then they get briefed by Cid on a new mission and the episode never looks back. “Decommissioned” flew by and was probably the most action-packed episode this season. Plus, Rafa and Trace Martez return with a mission of their own. …

The comic crossover event could hint at the future of upcoming Disney+ series and Lucasfilm creatives.

*Note: Mild spoilers for War of the Bounty Hunters #1, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Star Wars Rebels.

War of the Bounty Hunters has been getting a lot of attention since the first issue came out this week (a prelude issue came out in May). The comic run will follow Boba Fett doing Boba Fett things post- Empire Strikes Back, including losing Carbonite Han Solo and fighting off other bounty hunters.

In the first issue, it is revealed that it was Qi’ra who…

The fifth episode of The Bad Batch feels more like The Mandalorian as the team delves deeper into the underworld and meets an old acquaintance of the Jedi.

I am not sure how to feel about this episode and where things are going next, and maybe that’s how I feel now overall about The Bad Batch. Like the characters, the show seems to be aimlessly wandering from place to place, waiting to reveal some much-needed answers. The team at least gets an answer to who the mysterious bounty hunter was in “Cornered”, but that’s old news for viewers of The…

How publishing and the Expanded Universe in the 90s kept Star Wars alive and helped it become the most successful Space Opera franchise of all time.

Note: Star Wars would not be the behemoth it is today without great authors writing novelizations and original stories and these authors should be compensated for their contributions. Alan Dean Foster is one author that is currently in a battle with Disney for royalties for Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and several Alien novels. Foster wrote an open letter to Disney published by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America last year and…

Fennec Shand makes her animated debut and inadvertently gives the Bad Batch much-needed lessons for surviving their new reality.

The planet hoping continues in this week’s episode “Cornered” as the team has to land on the closest planet, Pantora, so Tech can scramble their ship’s signature key to evade the Imperial wanted list. And they also need more food rations and credits. I loved the Pantorans we saw in The Clone Wars so it was great to see their home planet. …

Revisiting an old The Clone Wars episode in season one made me wonder: Is Lucasfilm sitting on an epic General Grievous story?

Many fans know him as the cybernetic, General of the droid army, and a main antagonist of The Clone Wars (both the Tartakovsky micro-series and the Lucas/Filoni series). Many more only know him as the antagonist Obi-Wan killed in Revenge of the Sith, one that seemed like a convenient plot device to get Obi-Wan to Utapau and away from Anakin for Order 66.

General Grievous’s first appearance came in 2004 for Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network…

Crosshair returns to lead Imperial recruits on a mission as the transition from Republic to Empire starts to take shape.

Having just escaped from Saleucami with some damage to their ship, the Bad Batch are discussing the next steps. Hunter presses Echo to work on ship repairs while Tech is busy working on a scanner to figure out the situation with their inhibitor chips. Then the ship gets thrown out of hyperspace because part of the ship’s capacitors was damaged during their escape. …

The second episode gives some hints at the other problems the team might face besides their former brother hunting for them.

A familiar face from The Clone Wars returns so let’s waste no time and get right to my thoughts on Cut and Run:

We Are All Deserters Now

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