Proof you can tell a villain’s story and make them sympathetic without redemption. If only the screenplay rose to match the potential of the premise.

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Star Wars The High Republic: The Tempest Runner is the third audio drama released in canon. Dooku: Jedi Lost was an original story written by Cavan Scott covering the Count of Serenno’s time in the Jedi Order. Doctor Aphra adapted Aphra storylines from the Star Wars: Darth Vader 2015 and Star Wars (2015) comic runs. Now, the High Republic era has its entry, The Tempest Runner also written by Cavan Scott. The main difference between…

Holiday sweaters, Funko Pops, and Disney Plus specials are just the beginning.

Hello my little friend | credit LEGO and Lucasfilm ltd.

On November 17, 1978, a special so special that it became the “tradition that won’t die” aired on CBS (in the US). The Star Wars Holiday Special is notorious for its odd sketches, awkward acting, and all-around WTF moments (Diahann Carroll’s musical seduction of Chewbacca’s father is a permanent resident in my head). But it is also where one of the most popular Star Wars characters, Boba Fett, was introduced. The animated short, “The Story of the Faithful Wookie” is one of the few bright spots in the special and is the only segment available on Disney Plus. …

Warner Brothers Marketing, which has used Zendaya heavily to promote the film, is now tempering expectations of her screen time. How it all could blow up in their face.

If you’ve seen the trailers, you probably have seen all her scenes | credit Warner Brothers Pictures

In Frank Herbert’s sweeping Sci-Fi space opera, Dune (the one before Star Wars), drama plays out over two houses in a battle for control over for the planet Arrakis and its resources. The desert planet is home to the valuable Spice, but it is also dangerously dry, unyielding and home to formidable sandworms. While Timothée Chalamet is the star and has the most screen time as Paul Atreides, a lot of focus has been put on Zendaya’s Chani. The upcoming film is supposed to cover the first half of Herbert’s novel. While readers of the classic novel know that Chani…

A little communication goes a long way, even when promising a revolutionary game.

Image credit Lego Star Wars | image edits Credits and Canon

Look. There is a lot of toxicity in gaming over numerous amounts of things. Some of it is just annoying and some, like recent headlines, indicate serious cultural and workforce issues that needed to go all the way to court to be forced into the spotlight.

But toxicity can be confused with people who have legitimate reasons for irritation. And recently, at Gamescon, TT Games released a gameplay trailer for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and a new date (sort of): Spring 2022. …

A focus on themes from the first season of The Bad Batch. Part two.

Tarkin is not amused | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Perhaps the most relatable theme ever to grace Star Wars and one that is fairly prominent in this season of The Bad Batch. Knowing whom you do business with is a tough lesson almost everyone will learn in their lifetime, and, in the Star Wars universe, that lesson can be fatal.

The Bad Batch and Cid

A focus on themes from the first season of The Bad Batch. Part one.

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The Horror of Losing Your Identity

Last year on The Star Wars Show, Dave Collins discussed The Clone Wars with George Lucas and Dave Filoni. On the topic of the clones themselves, Collins noted that they “took uniform, faceless, nameless, numbered clones, and you gave them a real sense of individualism and personality.” When reflecting on that theme, Lucas responded that “clones are people. Everyone starts out the same, but in time, as they grow up, they change.”

The five MVPs of Stormtroopers in canon based on face time, iconography, and just pure joy.

If there is one certainty in Star Wars, it is the existence of characters with helmets. Mandalorians, Bounty Hunters, and Darth Vader have all occupied this weird space of characters that we love but have never, or rarely, seen their faces. It is the combination of a great design with a commander voice that elevates some of the classic Star Wars helmet heads like Vader and Boba Fett (though we will be seeing more of Fett’s face in the future). But Stormtroopers have a…

Yes, Lucasfilm hired a Deepfake YouTuber, but let’s discuss what really matters.

image credit Lucasfilm ltd. and icon from Shamook

At around four years old, deepfake technology is a newborn in the AI technology space but has already had ups and downs in public perception. Like every new technology, deepfakes were popularized on porn sites with celebrity faces (mostly women) placed on porn star bodies. Then there were deepfakes of political figures and tech moguls saying controversial things, causing a wave of fear and articles on what a future with this type of manipulation would look like. Then, unsurprisingly, deepfakes were used for parody interviews. “George Lucas” could tell you his thoughts on the Sequel trilogy.

First off, deepfake technology…

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Part one of the season finale has the team return to Kamino to confront Crosshair, and some hard truths as the Empire looms in the background.

The beginning of this episode has a plot device straight out of the show 24 Hours as you hear a faint ticking clock sound. The sound continues as we see an Imperial ship traveling through hyperspeed. Hunter is being taken back to Kamino, and Crosshair uses his communication link to signal the others, and this episode does not take its foot off the gas, so here we go:

Who Gets Rescued and Who Gets Left Behind

Would you want to spend $5–6K to be stuck with 100 families for two days during the Covid-era?

mask art by Credits and Canon | image credit Disney

When news first broke that there would be a Star Wars-themed hotel to complement the Star Wars land, excitement for Star Wars was at its highest. It was early December 2017, right before the release of The Last Jedi, and the official name of the land, Galaxy’s Edge, had just been announced at D23. Flash-forward four years, post a divisive last two Skywalker saga films, the first box office franchise failure in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and a land that has…

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