Andor Episode Eight: Narkina 5 Thoughts

Keef looks appropriately scared | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The Narkina 5 Arc and the Limits of a Budget

Is there are specific reason why Narkina 5 consists of all humans? | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Kino Loy and Self-Policing

Andy Serkis doing his best, worst impression of a motivational manager | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

“He won’t be back. They only come to pick up the dead and bring their replacements.”

Andor Episode Eight: Narkina 5

That is what Kino Loy, played by Supreme Leader Snoke himself, Andy Serkis, tells Keef when he arrives on the labor floor. Loy is the Five-Two-D unit manager (Level 5, Room 2, Dayshift) and a prisoner who has some privilege by supervising the other prisoners through their work shifts. He has less than a year left in his sentence and makes it clear that Keef will not jeopardize that or his standing within the prison structure.

Awkward Love Triangles

Cinta and Vel are on two different paths | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Making the Alliance

Forest Whitaker returns as live-action Saw Gerrera | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

What’s Going on with Leida?

Leida acting very suspicious | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The True Evil of the Empire

Despite the posturing, Syril has more leverage than Dedra might like to admit | credit Lucasfilm ltd.
Even though Cassian is gone, Bix and Brasso still look after his mother | credit Lucasfilm ltd.



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