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  • Breanna Ventures

    Breanna Ventures

    Traveler | writer | photographer. Trying to follow my dreams and not feel like a fraud. Twitter @breannaventures

  • Natalia VM

    Natalia VM

    Psychologist interested in spirituality and symbolism across the stories we consume everyday.

  • LucianoSphere


    Nature, science, technology, programming, and DIY enthusiast. Biotech+Chem+Comput scientist. Born AR from IT family, living in CH for years now…

  • Felipe M. Guerra

    Felipe M. Guerra

    Journalist, independent filmmaker and a sick person. I write about cinema at, and in here about films, books and comics.

  • Damon Ferrara

    Damon Ferrara

    A too-clever traveling poet, looking for writing opportunities. Screenwriter/Marketer/Author, “And One Day My Stars Will Burn.”

  • Eric Pierce

    Eric Pierce

    Writes: culture, humor, fiction, life. EIC of FanFare. Top Writer, Big Nerd.

  • Matt Dwyer

    Matt Dwyer

    Recent college grad. I write about pop culture, politics, travel, mental health, and more

  • Matt Sevits

    Matt Sevits

    A recovering pop music addict who’s finding his way in the wide, wonderful world of music.

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