Marvel’s Star Wars The High Republic: Eye of the Storm Thoughts

Credit Marvel Comics

The Story

The vortex storm on Everon | credit Marvel Comics
Young Marchion Ro meets Mari San Tekka as his father and grandmother look on | credit Marvel Comics

The Character

A loyal Nihil follower asks a very intuitive question | credit Marvel Comics

Canon Contributions

We finally get the name of Marchion Ro’s home planet and his species, Everon and Evereni respectively. They are shown to be a brutal, bloodthirsty species that acts completely with individual self-interest. Marchion Ro tells his loyal group at the end that the Jedi tried to exterminate his species, but that might just be a part of his theatrics. It is more likely the Evereni destroyed themselves.

Even though it has bright colors, this planet could not be more disturbing | credit Marvel Comics



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