The Book of Boba Fett Chapter Four: The Gathering Storm Thoughts

credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The Practical and Special Effects Rise to the Occasion

The LEP servant droid is the latest translated element from animation to live-action | credit Lucasfilm ltd.
Not the look you want from a Wookie | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Cyber Mod Squad

Modification parlors are now a part of Star Wars | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

The Cooks in the Kitchen

Boba Fett makes the families an offer… | credit Lucasfilm ltd.

Something Mando This Way Comes

Boba, Fennec, and Mando make a great team | credit Lucasfilm ltd.




I write about the Star Wars. Read more @

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Credits & Canon

Credits & Canon

I write about the Star Wars. Read more @

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